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MySQL Database Software by Percona
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Percona Distribution for MySQL
The most complete, stable, scalable, and secure, open-source MySQL solution available, delivering enterprise-grade database environments for your most critical business applications.
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Percona Server for MySQL
Percona XtraDB Cluster
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The Most Popular Enterprise Database
MySQL database software is a critical part of most enterprise application strategies. Many of the largest internet companies employ MySQL as a critical backbone to support the development, testing, and launching of mission-critical applications to market.
Percona has always been committed to producing open-source database software for MySQL, creating Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Percona XtraBackup and Percona Toolkit. Our solutions are designed to work on-premises and in the cloud, enabling you to optimize your web applications, database server, and more.
Open to the Community
Percona Distribution for MySQL provides better performance and concurrency for even the most demanding workload. It delivers greater value to MySQL server users with optimized performance, greater performance scalability and availability, enhanced backups, and increased visibility.
All Percona software is free and open source. Percona works with clients and partners to continuously take advantage of changes and improvements in the latest hardware designs. New code releases are announced on the Percona Database Performance Blog along with benchmark results, when available.
Designed to Perform
Percona MySQL products run in countless deployments, on millions of servers. The addition of Percona Distribution for MySQL brings together years of experience working with the most complex deployments of MySQL into one, easy to deploy distribution.
In addition to Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Percona XtraBackup, and Percona Toolkit, Percona Distribution for MySQL includes:
Orchestrator The replication topology manager for Percona Server
HAProxy The default high-availability and load-balancing solution for PXC
ProxySQL A high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for PXC
MySQL Shell An advanced client and code editor for MySQL Server
MySQL Router A lightweight middleware for transparent routing between applications and back-end servers
Percona provides additional performance data and enables optimization by writing performance metrics to additional tables not available in other versions of MySQL, providing you with the deepest level of insight into the performance of your database environment.
Stability and Availability
Preserve, secure, and protect your data and revenue streams by minimizing unexpected downtime and data loss, while providing the highest level of availability for your business-critical applications, no matter where they are deployed.
Increase Stability and Reliability
Designed and tested to meet your enterprise needs, by a company with 10 years+ of MySQL expertise.
Eliminate Data Loss
High availability and backup options ensure your data is available for your business-critical applications.
Improve Data Durability
Galera replication enables increased application availability and improved user experience.
Scalability and Performance.
Integrated tools help you optimize, monitor, and maintain your MySQL environment, ensuring you can quickly respond to changing business demands.
Improved Performance
Achieve the highest level of transaction throughput while supporting hundreds of thousands of users.
Easily Scale Your Environment
Use Kubernetes for automated provisioning of additional nodes to quickly meet evolving business demands.
Improved Efficiency
Compatible tools enable DBAs to quickly and easily perform complex tasks to support changing requirements
Percona Distribution for MySQL helps you protect your data without the need for costly software license fees.
Increased Security
Enhanced encryption and authentication features provide a more secure storage and communication layer.
Lower IT Expenses
Eliminate costly software license fees by using our open-source enterprise-grade solution for MySQL clustering.
Reduce Data Security Risks
Hide sensitive data, and prevent unintentional access with data masking.
Percona Distribution for MySQL Download Options
Percona Distribution for MySQL offers two download options. One is based on Percona Server for MySQL and one is based on Percona XtraDB Cluster. Check out our recent blog to learn more about the differences between group replication and Galera enabled replication.
Percona Server for MySQL
If you want a single server, source/replica, or high availability through group replication in your MySQL environment, Percona Server for MySQL distribution is the right choice.
Percona Distribution for MySQL - PS
Percona XtraDB Cluster
If you want high-availability through Galera, Percona XtraDB Cluster is the right choice.
Percona Distribution for MySQL - PXC
Percona Distributions
All companies need a way to guarantee that the tools, add-ons, and extensions they require are going to work together, are easy to deploy, are certified, and supported by a trusted vendor.
With Percona Distributions, you get a single solution with the best and most critical enterprise components from the open-source community — designed and tested to work together. Our distributions are backed by world-class support and engineering teams, giving you peace of mind and 24x7 support, when you need it.
Expert Support
No matter which MySQL solution you choose, Percona offers a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective support plan to help your organization’s MySQL deployment succeed. Bring us your support bill and let us show you how we can save you 25%.
Start Saving Today!
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